About Us

Hello, and welcome to cellaplex.com. The best Website about quitting smoking. If you are in a search of ways to stop smoking seek no more. You came to the right place, we got everything that you need to know about the process of leaving cigarettes. You have probably found us by searching for ways how to stop smoking. So, that means you have already decided that you want to leave the cigarettes behind and you only want to know how to accomplish that. By making that decision you are already half way there, you just need some motivation and we are here to give you that.

We are mainly an online support company whose goal is to help other people who are struggling to quit smoking. We are providing a dedicated customer care support that is available 24/7. Also, within our company, we are organizing support groups for every of our client. Our company was formed 15 years ago, with the purpose to show other people that quitting smoking is possible if you use the right methods. We have developed our methods through these many years of working with people that have a problem with leaving cigarettes. Now we are able to offer the fastest and easiest way to stop smoking.