Best natural ways how to quit smoking

Trick your Body

This is an easy way that you can try out when wanting to leave cigarettes behind. Research has shown that whenever you are craving for a cigarette, all your body needs is carbohydrates. That can be filled by taking a small sweet treat. That way you will stop the craving by satisfying your needs with a sweet treat. Don’t overdo it, keep the sugar levels minimal, a small candy with low calories can do the trick.


The worst thing that you can do when wanting to stop smoking is to sit home doing nothing. Sooner than you think you will be grabbing a cigarette and lighting it up. You need to engage your body in some kind of activity. The best way is to workout. It will get your mind off smoking cigarettes and make you stronger and healthier at the same time. When working out regularly your potential to quit smoking is doubled. So, what are you waiting for getting out of your bed and start working out! Go to the gym or take some aerobic classes, anything really just keep your body moving!

Join a Group Support

Having a someone to talk to about your addiction is very important when you decide to quit smoking. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your family members about it find a support group such as ours. Join us, these 2 days per week you can afford to come and chat with other people who suffer from the same addiction. Joining a support group can only benefit you, it will give you strength and motivation to stay away from lighting up a cigarette.

Get Professional Opinion

Having a professional tell you how smoking is bad for your and others people’s health around you. Talk to your doctor, ask him to explain all the things that nicotine and carbon monoxide does to your body. Some research has shown that that kind of a talk with a professional can strongly influence your decision about quitting smoking.


Hypnosis is a well-known natural way to quit smoking. Many people who tried it out say it was extremally effective and helpful. You can’t know the exact number of sessions that you will require because it depends on of each person. Hypnosis can effectively control your cravings for a cigarette. It’s important to do your research on your practitioner, he needs to have a high reputation and very skilled.

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