What happens to your body when you quit smoking?

A lot of people that smoke doesn’t understand how exactly smoking is affecting their lives. When they see a timeline on how their body would react if they quit smoking they are usually shocked and scared but they shouldn’t be. To stop smoking is the best thing you can do to save your health.

Here in these articles, you can see what happens when you quit smoking.

Physical Symptoms

Leaving cigarettes behind can be really hard. People usually don’t realize how much they are addicted until they stop using it. If you decide to quit using the cold turkey method, you might find it really hard in the beginning. You will experience headaches, dizziness, increase in hunger and nausea. Some of those symptoms are caused by a drop in blood pressure. You also might have problems with your sleep. Mood swings, confusion, depression, and irritability are expected symptoms when you quit smoking. All of these symptoms will disappear over time. Sometimes they can be gone in just a few weeks, it depends on how long have you been smoking.

Improvement in Blood Pressure

As you might know, nicotine can raise your heart rate and blood pressure by a lot. Research has shown that after only 30 minutes after smoking a cigarette your blood pressure will lower to a normal and healthy rate. You can even feel the difference when your blood pressure is normal, your fingers will get warm.

Weight Gain

Some of the effect when you quit smoking will be the increase in the hunger. Craving for food is a normal side effect that might occur when you first stop smoking. This happens because nicotine usually stifles hunger. Nicotine release fats into your bloodstream and you don’t feel so hungry. This does not mean that you will be guaranteed to gain weight, but it is a possibility. When you know that is a possibility you can do things to prevent yourself from gaining weight.

Healthier Heart

When you quit smoking, after about 12 hours in the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood significantly decreases. With decreased carbon monoxide in your blood, there is more room for oxygen to travel. One year after you quit smoking the chances of getting a heart attack or some kind of a heart disease are halved. To reach heart disease levels of a non-smoker, you need to be clean for over 15 years. But this doesn’t mean you will regain your health completely. Especially if you were a hard smoker, your body was already damaged and there is nothing you can do to heal them.

Better Breathing

After you quit smoking and some time passes you will feel the difference in the way you breathe. Your lungs will start improving after a few months. Expect to cough a little bit more in the beginning because that’s the only way your lungs can clean themselves. The coughing will decrease over time.

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