Healthy Lifestyle

If you are a non-smoker person that means that you are living healthy. You should be proud of yourself that you have successfully rejected smoking. There is a lot of people that have made the wrong decision and started smoking cigarettes. Even if they are aware of the danger that smoking is causing. By being a non-smoker you should avoid getting close to people that smoke because even if you are in the same room with a smoker it can affect your health too. So, try to avoid being close to those people or talk them into leaving cigarettes. Here are some of the bad things that can help you talk them into leaving cigarettes.

Bad Smell

If you are a non-smoker you can instantly tell if someone is smoking or not just by their smell. A chronic smoker can be noticed from a mile away. His clothes, hair, and breath all have the bad smell of smoke. This bad smell can lead to losing a partner or friend if you don’t take any action.

Premature Aging

One of the major changes that smoking can hugely contribute to is premature aging of the face. The appearance of deep wrinkles and change in the colour of skin are more likely to occur if you are a smoker. Smoking can lead to biochemical changes in the skin of the face that speed up the aging process. Another thing that occurs when regularly smoking is the tar staining on the hands and fingers.

Chance of Being Impotent

Research has shown that smoking is increasing the chance of impotence significantly. Nicotine is known to affect blood vessels in the whole body, including the reproductive organ. If you have a dream to start a family one day and you are a smoker, better start changing your habits and getting rid of your addiction of smoking. Smoking also affects the sperm count.

Danger to People Around You

By choosing to smoke, you are not affecting just your health but the health of people that are around you. Those people have chosen to stay healthy by refusing to smoke, try not to ruin that for them. It is estimated that around 50.000 deaths are caused by second-hand smoking every year. They can inhale all those 4.000 different chemicals just by standing next to you. So, when you light up a cigarette next time, look around you how many people will you affect by smoking. That should make you want to stay healthy and stop smoking.

Cost of smoking

Smoking is a very expensive habit. The price of cigarettes is usually depending on your location. But the average price for one pack of cigarettes is around $5 or more. Think about how much money can you save each year if you stop smoking now. All that money you can spend on other things. Quitting smoking can especially benefit people who are struggling with money. By quitting smoking, you are saving a lot of money and you are staying healthy at the same time.

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