Our Team

Mark Johnson is actually one of the founders and creators of this company. His ideas and methods were very helpful to a lot of people that were turning to us for help. He got the idea to start this company out of his own experience 15 years ago when he completely quit smoking.

Monica Thomson was one of our clients many years ago. With the help of Mark and the other members of our team she successfully quit smoking after 6 months. After that, she decided that she want to help others and after some time she became the part of our team.

Richard Smith is one of the people that works on the dedicated customer care support that is available 24/7. His backstory doesn’t involve quitting smoking because he was never addicted to it. He decided to be a part of our team because he hated to see other people smoke cigarettes.

Eva Ruiz is also a person that works on the dedicated customer care support service. She is very dedicated to her job, she loves helping smokers and to talk them into quitting smoking. She is the favourite one amongst our customers, everybody says she is very motivative and a good listener.