Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another natural way you can quit smoking. A lot of people are turning to acupuncture because they can’t withstand the use of medication and other product that help you quit smoking. As any other product, acupuncture will not guarantee that you will quit smoking. It is just another way you can relieve yourself from cravings and other symptoms.

How Acupuncture Helps

There has been a lot of research on acupuncture and how it works. Most people ask does it really work and the answer is yes it does help. Patients who tried out acupuncture say that it suppresses the urge for cigarettes. It also decreases irritability, improves your mood and your sleep. The main goal of acupuncture is to help people reduce cravings for nicotine.

What part of the body to target?

Many acupuncturists have had the best results when they targeted the ears of the patient. Acupuncture can be used in different areas of the body for different conditions. To help someone quit smoking, focusing on the pressure points of the ear is the most effective way to suppress cravings. Between treatments, patients can use ear seeds to apply pressure on certain points of the ear to lower the urge for smoking. You should never try doing acupuncture by yourself. If you want to try it get a professional to help you. The professional acupuncturist will know exactly what nerves to stimulate to get the best results. Other than suppressing the cravings, acupuncture has also a relaxation purpose. Acupuncture will increase the release of endorphins in your brain.

Is acupuncture painful?

A lot of people want to try out acupuncture to quit smoking, but they are afraid that it will be painful. Acupuncture does involve needles puncturing your body, but the kind of needles that are used in acupuncture are hair thin. They are so thin that you don’t even notice when they puncture your skin. If you find a professional acupuncturist you should feel no pain what so ever. Under the treatment, you should only feel how your body is getting more and more relaxed.

No side effects

Using the acupuncture method just like the aromatherapy there are no side effects. There are only benefits of using acupuncture, it should improve your mood and sleep. So before trying any other method or product to quit smoking we highly recommend you to try acupuncture or aromatherapy because there are no side effects.

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