Support Groups

If our dedicated customer care support through the phone is not enough for you. You feel like you need some direct contact with the people that can help you quit smoking. We have the perfect solution to your problem. Every Tuesday and Thursday our company organizes Support Groups for people just like you who are trying to quit smoking. The key to permanently quit smoking is to accept and understand the Law of Addiction. The main objective of this support group is to educate, motivate and support everyone that has been a victim of nicotine. Using our methods to stop smoking has proven to be very effective throughout the years. In these support groups, you will learn that quitting smoking can be done, there are a lot of people that have succeeded. It’s important to know how they did it. We will try to prove that to you that everybody can do it if they do it right, using our methods and having this kind of support that we offer to every of our clients. Every Tuesday and Thursday you can share your experience of leaving cigars with other people who also struggle with the same problem.