Here you can see the schedule of support groups, who will be leading them and what will be the main topic of that day.

  • Tuesdays Monica Thomson will be leading the support group. Many years ago, she used to be one of our clients. She had the same addiction as you and it took her only 6 months to quit smoking and never think of doing it again. After she successfully stopped smoking, she decided to stay with us and join our team to help others quit smoking. Now she is one of the leaders of our support groups.
  • Thursdays Mark Johnson will be leading the support group. He also was a smoker, but he is clean for over 15 years. His idea was to start these support groups.

As far as the topic for the day we don’t know exactly what will be because we like to leave it to you the people that come to these support groups. You will have the power of choosing the topic. That way we can discuss your experience of quitting smoking and not about what we think your problems might are. Monica and Mark are waiting for you every Tuesday and Thursday to help you by educating and motivating you.