Top ways to quit smoking

If you decided that you want to quit smoking, you made the right decision. It can be difficult for some people to stop smoking cigarettes, but don’t get your hopes down it can be done. You just need some tips and ways on how to quit smoking.

If you still need a little push and help from someone to talk you into quitting smoking, try out some of these ways that can help you quit smoking.

Write a list of things you like and dislike about smoking

This is the best way to quit smoking, it can help you realize how smoking cigarettes is bad for you. Sit down and write on a piece of paper all the things you like about smoking cigarettes. Take one more paper and on that piece write down all the things you dislike about smoking. It can be anything, such as ruining your health, the health of other people around you, how it interferes with your work or family life. If you run out of ideas try asking your friends and family members to give you their opinions on smoking what they dislike about it. When you finish writing it down you will realize that there are lot more things that you dislike about smoking then you actually like. That can be the running point for you, to be brave and stop smoking.

Get rid of all the things that remind you of smoking

When the day comes and you decided that you don’t want to smoke anymore, consider throwing stuff out. Everything that reminds you of smoking can, later on, be a bad influence on your mindset. You might last 2 days without a cigarette when you see an ashtray and it will remind you how you enjoyed smoking. To prevent any of that from happening we strongly suggest that you get rid of things that are connected with smoking.

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